• The registration for CZ EEO 2016 will be opened on November 1, 2015 at 00:00 Central European Time (UTC+1).
  • After forwarding a filled-in registration form by the shooter, each registered person immediately will receive an confirmation on his e-mail address, informing him that he/she is readily registered into the CZ EEO 2016 Match. Besides his/her name on web registration page will appear the status REG (Registered).
    REG status don´t guarantees participation in the match. Match participation is confirmed only payment. Guaranteed participation in the match is determined according to the date of an incoming payment to the bank account of the match. After the registration you have to pay the registration fee. When we receive your payment, you'll be able to continue to the Step 3. The sooner the better for you, so that you can choose the squad early. And also not later then 14 days from registration, otherwise the registration will terminate. The registration fee is not refundable, however when needed can be transfered to another competitor.
  • After receiving the shooter’s Entry Fee payment to our account, the status of the shooter will immediately change into the status PAY (PAID). It will mean the shooter has duly paid his/her Entry Fee and it may squad him/her self into the desired squad (if there is still a space available). Payment must be made properly, following an exactly the instructions on the website (it means, the shooter’s payment must include the principal starting fee sum plus all the hidden and unhidden bank transfer fees!) In case shooter will not cover his/her bank transfer fee, the approximate amount of €8,00 will be collected from the shooter at the time of on-range registration.
    ATTENTION: Please, always remember to state your registration number while sending your Entry Fee. If you send the Entry Fee for more shooters, state starting numbers of all the shooter you are paying for, please!!!
  • After the shooter squads himself into desired squad, the last change in his/her status will appear on the match web registration page. Shooter’s status will now read RDY (Ready). This said status will mean the shooter with this said status fulfilled all the necessary registration obligations and his/her match slot is fully guaranteed by the CZ EEO organizers.
  • Warning!!! Deadline date for squad change is before midnight of May 6, 2016. After this deadline the squad change will be possible only with the MD approval!
  • Possibilities in the event that shooter payment of the entry fee will be credited to our account after the full capacity of the main match (600 slots) will be reached (of which we always inform the shooters by means of our information system); such a payment could be returned to the shooter, or it could be withheld to cover it the Entry Fee for the next year CZ EEO 2017. This would mean the shooter has a slot fully paid for the following year Main Match event.
  • ATTENTION!!! If a shooter who has a RDY status and for an any reason cannot participate in the match, it is possible for him to receive his Entry Fee back from organizers, but it must be applied for no later than the set deadline date of March 31, 2016. After this date, the paid slot could be sold only to shooter on starting list with the status REG.
  • For any changes in your registration form (change division or category, region, telephone, factor, email adress, password for match etc.), you can use our routine "EDIT SHOOTER PROFILE". This routine is in menu SHOOTER MENU, where is available only for registered shooters on web-page EEO. Please, web-page login is not to same as your shooter registration to match ! If you fill in registration form your login name from web-page to item "Your username of WEB page, if exist", your profile on web-page profile will be synchronized with your shooter profile. Primary key is your login name to web-page. In any shooter subprogram in our web page use please you shooter starting number, where you receive in STEP-1 of registration process.
  • If you need change a name or surname in your shooter profile, please contact our match secretary, Ms. Ludmila Jazudek (her primary contact could be found is on the Match Website, menu Contact). Name and Surname is primary key for WINMSS and MUST be unique in system. If your name or surname is used another shooter, you must use a preffix, such as "Name_2", etc.
  • If you will require from us the notarized Match Invitation, you will be charged the costs associated with the said document postage. Postage expense will be collected from such shooters at the range during the process of match registration.
  • ATTENTION!!! Please, read properly the rules applicable to weapons and ammunition importation, this is not only to the Czech Republic, but also to the entire area of the European Union!!! (Complete information will appear on the CZ EEO Website during month of November 2015).
  • At the time of registration at the shooting range in Hodonice, the each registered shooter must produce its own Regional Director’s note confirming the following:
    a) Competitor’s status as the IPSC member in a good standing.
    b) His/her RD’s permission to participate at the CZ EEO 2016.
    Without an above requested RD two proclamations, the potential competitors will not be allowed to shoot the CZ EEO 2016 Match!
  • Match Director reserves his right to make the changes, if needed!!!


Your EEO 2016 realization team.






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